Zorvan Entertainment is prepping to launch Water: The World in Chaos on Kickstarter soon. The game is a side-scrolling, physics-based platformer. Players take on the role of astronauts who must take back the water that aliens stole from Earth. Throughout the adventures, players will use an array of weapons to blow things up, break through walls, and cause massive destruction in a quest to rescue the water in distress.


In the game, the players have their own jetpacks shooting up the bad guys while floating around and avoiding obstacles. Each jetpack in the game has its own unique speed and power and we are trying to include a wider range of jetpacks in the final version of the game. There are over 80 levels to conquer and four different heroes to play throughout the levels. You can get a glimpse of what the game will be like with the Kickstarter trailer below.

There will be global leaderboards for people intent on being the best, various weapons and environmental hazards not only to avoid but also to utilize as a way to overcome obstacles, and there are different types of enemies that will make the cut to challenge players in different ways.


The art style in Water: The World in Chaos is absolutely stunning. It blends 2D art with modern lighting effects to create a world filled with fantasy and charm. The game’s music helps to shape an emotional atmosphere around different events. These elements, tied in with interesting gameplay and a fantastic story, are what makes Water: The World in Chaos such an incredible game.


I think the game has potential and it shows some promise as a side-scroller with some challenging levels and unique gameplay elements. The Unity-powered game is scheduled to release for PC, Mac and Linux (assuming it gets funded). You can keep an eye on the game or learn more about what Australian developer Zorvan Entertainment has planned for Water by paying a visit to the official website: