Do you love to hunt? Perhaps, but how if you find it hard to find the right time and place to do it? Don’t worry about it. You will be able to hunt from your mobile devices. Yes, you don’t even need to kill animals in real life!

Hunting games can be a great choice to let your hunting passion flow. Let’s admit it, the time is the restriction, but you also consider about the budget or so, right?

There are a lot of hunting games that you can choose for your mobile devices. And most of them are user-friendly and fun to play. I’ve collected some of the best and will share my personal list with you. Enjoy!

Deer Hunter Series of Glu

Deer Hunter is a fun and breath-taking FPS hunting game that will satisfy your urge to kill… I mean to hunt! You will be thrilled with the realistic environment of the wilderness and experience in such a stunning visualization of deer hunting simulation. You will find yourself traveling to one region to another to find the most exotic animals to be hunted. Once you catch one, you can make it as your trophy. This game has such great visuals and features. There are about 100 animal species in the games like wolves, tigers, cheetahs, and many more. I know, I know. You expect just deer hunting right when you see the title, right? Don’t be deceived by the name, though. Hunting deer is just a beginning in this game. You will find a lot of interesting experiences in the next levels of the game. “Deer Hunter 2014” of the series is editor’s choice.

deer hunter gameground

Jungle Sniper Hunting

It is another cool game that you can try if you love to hunt, or at least you love to shoot. Sniper rifle will be your best friend here. As the name suggests, the environment is the woods. You will find a lot of types of animals, also hunting possibilities are limitless which is another plus. You will never run out of animal stock. You can hunt as many animals as you want. Enjoy such realistic environments just like putting yourself at the real woods. Just select your target and hunt it. This is a marvelous game. You should try it.

Gun Zombie: Hellgate

It is another perfect hunting game for you. The difference is, your goal is to kill zombies instead of animals! If you are sensitive about damaging or killing animals even in games, this is a game just for you. And still, zombies can be counted as creatures, right? A creature kind that most of the people have fun killing yeah. Gun Zombie: Hellgate comes into my list because it accompanies the users with such different levels, missions, and various features. It challenges you with 500 missions, 3 game play modes, and over 60 bosses ready to haunt you. How does it sound? The graphics are pretty decent. Just as you expect in zombie games, you will find a lot of disgusting and freaking zombies chasing you. But that’s what makes killing zombies fun anyway!

zombie gameground

By “littledee”