The Story:

“The year is 3033 Earth has been devastated after weapons of mass destruction were carefully planted by aliens throughout time and history.

You are Eros, soldier of the Earth Defense Force (EDF), and it is your mission to travel through time and eliminate the threat to the future.

Collect 200 time crystals scattered throughout each time period and fuel your time teleporter to advance to the next level!”

Nice story if you ask me. Good news is that the game is released both for ios and android.

With its fun gameplay, attractive bit graphics and retro music, the game grabs you into its world immediately.
To be honest i couldn’t pass prehistoric level which happens to be the first level and that is because either i am too bad at this or levels are really long!

You simply need to help our hero save girls and animals(at least in prehistoric level) while you are going down automatically.

Our hero should not wait too long because screen is moving down automatically and it kills him if he waits too long. Our hero also should not perform leap of faiths which generally result in death! Just wait a bit, see and plan where to jump and you are good to go. I think you already figured out that there are some bad objects you should avoid touching while you try to collect the good ones.

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