Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Linux

Release Date: 27th January 2015

The eagerly anticipated first person zombie shooter with elements of parkour is finally here! Credit must be given to the publishers Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for their clever marketing and upping the hype of the game. But the question is, does the end product really deliver and live up to the anticipation it had created?

First of all, Dying Light is a visual feast, the city of Harran where the game takes place is beautifully rendered portraying a world ravaged by the undead. There’s gloom, misery and a sense of ominous hopelessness that the survivors face and live with every day. The expanse of huge open world littered with walking corpses that must be traversed only at day is riveting, to say the least. The parkour movement, the co-op multiplayer and the deeply satisfying combat where you dismember zombies are gratifying. Dying Light succeeds in evoking and maintaining a sense of dread and urgency in the players by keeping the combat mainly melee based.

As a player, you never feel “oh this is easy” neither can you stick with a formula approach. To differentiate itself from similar games in the genre, Techland came up with the twist of undead getting extra vicious and agile at night. To make matters worse the undead pack quite a punch when the sun goes down, so the preferred tactic is making a run for it and keep running!

That being said the plot of the game is still run of the mill like The Walking Dead with a twist type. The story missions just have enough intrigue to keep the player hooked. There are plenty of side quests to indulge in, but they are not as well-crafted and become monotonous. In the end, Dying Light has its moments but isn’t very groundbreaking or trend setting, but I am sure the avid zombie genre loving gamers will love this one to bits.

By “Suhail”