Another fun indie game build with Construct2.

Pikmeee is lost little penguins’ cry “pick me!”. And only another penguin, you can save them with your jetpack.

If you think that Flappy Bird is too hard, I agree with you and I suggest you playing Pikmeee. Pikmeee is like an easier version of Flappy Bird.


But unlike Flappy Bird, in Pikmeee your adventure may last really long if you work on it.


All you need to do is to tap and hold at the right time. However, while you collect gold coins please don’t forget about little cute lost penguins, your main goal is to save them! But be careful, as you may predict, saving penguins are much harder than collecting gold coins.

I hope BeanMind Games will soon add several more levels!


Here is game’s official description:

Small babies are lost and it’s up to you, jetpack equipped penguin, to help and save them. Fly, avoid hitting ice blocks and pick up your children and coins.
Main game
• 5 levels
• leaderboard
• achievements
Extra content (small fee)
• turn off ads
• an extra heart
• bonus mini game
Music Composed By Stephen Lu (in game) & Tulamide (menu)