I have found a new indie game worth trying. It is like a brick breaker, but you don’t control a bar, instead you control a wizard to destroy specific bricks.

Although I loved the idea I think it needs to be upgraded; controls for instances need to be easier, movement buttons are so close to one another. And the wizard has only limited number of magics/bullets to destroy specific bricks, I think a regeneration would be a nice idea.

EDIT: With the new patch, controls are much easier, you can slide to move. At first you may think it is a bit hard but you get used to it when you play several levels. Now the wizard has more spells to cast and there is a short cooldown before we can cast again. This made the game a lot better.

A nice choice to kill some time if you are looking for something different.

I think indie developer Sebastian J. Aguanno must do his best before others do something better using this idea!


Here is game description below;

Aeon of the Wizard is a wonderful platform game of avoidance, magic, power, and ultimately, good versus evil. Using touch controls, you may play the role of a powerful white wizard who (with the help of a friendly phantom) builds up his magical powers by warding off and destroying the black magic of the dark Evil Eyes that spy on us all, and attack from the skies! For our good magic, and the world to survive, we must put an end to the dark Evil Eyes!

This new mobile game is different from the others because it’s a combination of Brick Breaker and classic platform games! It’s like playing Brick Breaker, but with a character who can jump from paddle to paddle, whilst avoiding attacks from above!


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